Listen To Your Mother SW Michigan 2017

I am excited to be reading in Listen To Your Mother again this spring! It’s a wonderful show designed “to take the audience on a well-crafted journey that celebrates and validates mothering through giving voice to motherhood–in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor.”

After spending too much time putting together my piece for last year’s show, (more…)

Deep Breaths of Frogs and Fungi

sarah-fungus-webOak limbs and blue sky reflected in my spoon. Thousands of spring peepers were chorusing down by the bog lake. It was summer in spring; I could have kissed the mosquitoes that were biting my ankles. Next to me on a plate was a cinnamon bun, and I was alone and on a personal retreat. Just me and a warm meal outside.

I hiked down the hill to say goodnight to the peepers, watching the sandhill crane unfold its wings in an aggressive gesture (more…)

Chocolate Chip Grace


He came home from work with a blue paper plate of chocolate chip cookies. The kids greeted Daddy with a hug and their eyes got big as they took in the dessert. We would save it in the cupboard until suppertime.

I returned to washing dishes and the kids returned to playing legos in their room. My belly kept bumping against the edge of the sink, thirty-nine and a half weeks pregnant as I was. Rinsing the dishes, my mind hearkened to the blue plate in the cabinet (more…)

Sweet Sleeping Babes

2014_10_14_IMG_4200It’s the end of a long day and I’m 36 weeks pregnant. The thought of cool sheets on my round belly sounds sublime.

But one last thing: flick the light on in the hallway, tiptoe over to bunk beds.

Heave myself gently over the side rail that keeps my two-year-old from rolling onto the floor. He is a little jelly bean in the center of a vast bed, (more…)

Unraveling Snowballs and Stringing Pearls



It started at the end of April, making papier mâché volcanoes and an erupting birthday mountain for my Sweetpea. Then I volunteered to do a presentation on freezer cooking at church. Following that my parents-in-law came to stay for a week and I organized a scavenger hunt for a group of girlfriends. Oh, and did I mention that I got pregnant? (more…)

Rosolli or Fancy Nancy Salad


If we did not live in an age where oil and metal carried us bountiful grapes from Chile and lettuces from California, those of us inhabiting the frozen tundras of the world, such as Michigan this winter, would be scrounging right now. Hopefully some tubers or onions would be kept relatively fresh in our cold cellars.

But the question is: what to do with the last of those shrivelly winter roots? (more…)

Here Lies the Body of a Generous Girl



This is the second post in a series about choosing to live the moments we are given wholeheartedly, remembering that life is short.


It sounded like a helicopter landing on our van. Robert bumped off to the side of the road to change our very flat tire.

Since we had two families coming over for lunch after church, I set to thumbing a ride from a friend. My daughter squeezed into a car with the St.-Hilaires, then my son and I into another, and we left Daddy by the side of the road.

Twenty minutes later, he arrived home in a BMW. (more…)

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