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Warming Winter Groundnut Stew


It is winter around here. The snow is not only heaped around our house, but it is being hurled around by below-zero degree winds that caused our county to cancel school today. For the fifth time this month.

I don’t know about you, but I think today calls for some stew. How about a little jaunt to warm West Africa in a bowl? I’m sure they’ve never experienced this meal in such climes, but somehow their ingredients reach across the ocean and satisfy the cravings of us chilly folks.

This is what I’m going to call a “Warming Winter Groundnut Stew”. It is warm, and it is winter, and stew is à propos. Winter squash, toothy and soft at the same time, crunchy green beans, bits of cabbage swimming in (more…)

I Want To Be a Bride


Whoa-up, there, horsey! You’re movin’ too fast. I had another birthday four days after Christmas.

My parents called to send their good wishes. Four-year-old Max, looking for his grandpa, had said, “Where is that old man?” My mum laughed when she realized he was talking about her husband. “When your own parents are 87 years old, you feel young,” she said, adding, “But thirty-something was a great year.”

I appreciate her perspective, as I start to notice my own fine lines and marvel that my girl is about to turn 5 and my husband and I look like babies in our wedding photos.

So: 30-odd New Years, 30-odd opportunities to take stock, evaluate life, grow up a little more, hopefully.

Here’s the deal for 2014. (more…)

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