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Green Streamer Potato Mash


It’s the end of a long day, you’re hungry, your kids are hungry, and you don’t know what’s for supper. You look around and wonder what you can get on the table before people start opening cabinets and stuffing their faces with Cheerios…maybe you should just pop over to Mickey-Ds and order a quick fix?

Nope—here’s an idea for you. Nix the energy-sapping French fries and throw together a simple, healthy First Responder: the veggie mash. (more…)

Give an Ear to the Girl With the Perm


This is the first post in a series about choosing to live the moments we are given wholeheartedly, remembering our days are short.


“What’s your favorite subject in school these days?” he asks. I’m wearing pink glasses and have a fresh perm; it must be 1989.

“I love art class, but in Social Studies we’re…” my voice fades away as I notice his gaze scanning the room.

“Hey, nice tie, Pete!” he yells across the room to my father, who’s wearing a holly bow-tie with berries that light up.

I look over at the tie, back toward my uncle, then drop my head a bit as (more…)

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