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Rosolli or Fancy Nancy Salad


If we did not live in an age where oil and metal carried us bountiful grapes from Chile and lettuces from California, those of us inhabiting the frozen tundras of the world, such as Michigan this winter, would be scrounging right now. Hopefully some tubers or onions would be kept relatively fresh in our cold cellars.

But the question is: what to do with the last of those shrivelly winter roots? (more…)

Here Lies the Body of a Generous Girl



This is the second post in a series about choosing to live the moments we are given wholeheartedly, remembering that life is short.


It sounded like a helicopter landing on our van. Robert bumped off to the side of the road to change our very flat tire.

Since we had two families coming over for lunch after church, I set to thumbing a ride from a friend. My daughter squeezed into a car with the St.-Hilaires, then my son and I into another, and we left Daddy by the side of the road.

Twenty minutes later, he arrived home in a BMW. (more…)

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