Trying To Get Into School


Robert went to Spain in May for ten days to see if we could get our kids into an Adventist Christian school. Because it’s subsidized by the Spanish government, we couldn’t just pay tuition and enroll them.

This is what we did:

  1. Robert re-instated his Spanish citizenship
  2. Kids got their Spanish citizenships
  3. All four of them got Spanish passports
  4. Robert flew to Spain and got his national identity card (sort of like Social Security)
  5. A very kind friend gave us temporary residency in the town where the school is located
  6. We pre-registered the kids for school, hoping to float to the top of the list through our “points” (we got points for our residency and the fact that we have three children, which makes us a “familia numerosa”).

And then we waited.

There are only a limited number of spots in each classroom. The director of the school had already told us that both Kindergarten and Grade 3 (our kids’ ages) were full. Maybe someone will move away or change schools?

It’s a beautiful campus, tucked into a pine grove on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean–and they start each day with a piece of music playing as the kids walk to their classrooms.

Our idea had been that we would tap into the campus culture for the year; rent an apartment from the school and have our kids walk across the street to class. It looks like this might not be how it will all work out.

But t’would be nice…

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