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I Want To Be a Bride


Whoa-up, there, horsey! You’re movin’ too fast. I had another birthday four days after Christmas.

My parents called to send their good wishes. Four-year-old Max, looking for his grandpa, had said, “Where is that old man?” My mum laughed when she realized he was talking about her husband. “When your own parents are 87 years old, you feel young,” she said, adding, “But thirty-something was a great year.”

I appreciate her perspective, as I start to notice my own fine lines and marvel that my girl is about to turn 5 and my husband and I look like babies in our wedding photos.

So: 30-odd New Years, 30-odd opportunities to take stock, evaluate life, grow up a little more, hopefully.

Here’s the deal for 2014. (more…)

34-year-old Turns 87 After Marathon


I wonder if finishing a marathon gives you a preview of aging.

After running over hill and dale with a swarm of fellow runners and the spirit of an athlete, you feel like you’re 87. Your toenails hurt, if you still have them. Your back feels super-glued to your hips at a 45 degree angle. Between calves and Achilles’ tendons, the sore tissue forces you to hobble.

Thank God for your husband. After sprinting across the finish line (in an all-out effort to keep up with your running partner) you slow down, grab his arm and don’t let go for the next two hours. He wraps you in a silver plastic blanket, leads you to the chocolate milk, and lowers your throbbing butt cheeks to the curb.

As the sugar begins to revive your fainting bod, you let the good man help you up and limp to the gear check to meet your tired but triumphant fellow marathoners. Shuffling back to the hotel and a hot shower, the hours slowly roll by and the water rolls down your body, shedding some of the decades.

There is reward in this painful afterglow. You have accomplished something difficult. You have moved through the slog, gritted your teeth as you grunted “I can do this!”, persevered through the cramping toe and the hollering calves, been revived by the good friend who calls you forward though you want to walk. You have done something really hard.

“I have a friend who got through nursing school because of her marathon. She figured, if I could finish a marathon, I could become a nurse,” says Erica. The daily decisions to take one more step toward a dream slowly gather force, until one day you run 26.2 miles, or finish nursing school, or build your own house.

Of course there’s the stuff beyond our control: limited income, injured knees, sick children, family history…but then there is the little circle over which we have a choice. And in that little circle, even if it be but the size of a wedding ring, we can bring intention, discipline, and good companions. We can choose something, even if it is only to trust or to smile.

Watching my running girls dodder to their front doors as they are dropped off at home, I can almost see the walkers in front of each of them. It makes me laugh, and it makes me grateful. We may have strained IT bands, chafed armpits, and wet pants, but we are alive. And smiling.

Please Take a Seat


All right: so here goes. I have been teeter-tottering back and forth between so many different ideas and subjects and issues, because my personality is naturally drawn toward variety and has to discipline itself to arrive at depth (see Enneagram Number 7)…but I am finally going to heed the instructions of the author of Writer Mama, Christina Katz, and do this:

Don’t worry about ‘doing it right’ [blogging]. Just pick a topic that matters to you and an audience you feel comfortable addressing and let it rip.

I grew up very comfortable with letting it rip, at least amongst my immediate family. (I wonder what the first experience was that encouraged me toward greater discretion?–not all bad, not at all.) But somewhere along the way, the currents of adulthood swept me into them, and I forgot what it meant to let it rip. The overworked Director of Public Relations in my head doesn’t want exposure, not even a hairline crack that could welcome criticism or conflict. Or maybe I’m just a self-censoring, politically-correct, (fearful?) Canadian.

That said, I love to write, and I can’t write without allowing myself to be a bit exposed…so phooey on the fear, I’ll let it rip!

Let us, then, begin by saying that this blog will likely touch upon varied and and sundry and sunny topics…all related to the desire of one woman/mama/writer to live a full and balanced life, a life that reaches up and out for growth, down and in for contentment. There will be food, kids, marriage, and God in the topics, the gift of nature, anything talked about on Krista Tippett’s radio program On Being, whatever rises to the surface in a life that desires to live the next 35 years pleinement.

Welcome, sit down at my table, and let’s share some words and a cup of good life.

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